HD Cable Television for Expats in Europe : British, American, Irish TV and Radio. English TV with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean including Air Mouse Remote Control, XBMC, Filmon, Tunein, Google Play, Google Apps, NETFLIX : Unlimited Movies, Films and TV Shows : Delivered and installed in Belgium and all of Europe

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  Emergency Home Help


Expat in Belgium launches 24 Hour " Tradesman Assistance " for Expats living & working in all area's of Belgium. If you have a Plumbing, Electrical, Computer or WiFi Internet problem then contact our Help Desk for fast express same day assistance.


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  Relocation Assistance


Just moved in to your new Home and require some help in making your address " Home Sweet Home "  Help with the installation & supply of Curtain rails, supply & installation of Lamps / Lights. Assembly of your Furniture, setting up your WiFi Internet connection. Getting connected to all your TV From Home and Radio stations.


Whatever help you require, Expat in Belgium has the service & Tradesman that will make moving into your new Home as simple and hassel free as possible.


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  Garden Assistance


No matter what state your Garden is in, or if you simply need some advice & help in making your current Garden as beautiful as possible, our Gardening Team can clean up & maintain your excisting Garden or redesign to your requirements.


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English Speaking Plumbing For Expats In Belgium



Plumbing Services in Belgium


Looking for an English speaking Plumber for your Home or

Office or Business ? 


From getting a leaky tap repaired to having your Central Heating serviced / Air Conditioning serviced or repaired, having a Water Softener installed or serviced, a new Kitchen or Bathroom installed, Expat In Belgium is your one stop solution for all your Plumbing needs here in Belgium.


Fast professional service with a confirmed price quote.


Simply contact us and we will assist you as quickly as possible.


English Speaking Plumber


Our professional Plumbers are also able to supply and deliver a fantastic choice of Plumbing materials at the best possible prices : Heating Boilers, Air Conditioning Systems, Taps, Water Softners, Kitchens, Bathrooms :


Just ask us to arrange a FREE Price Quote :


Telephone.: 0485 38 74 02     Email.: info@expatinbelgium.com



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Service all over Belgium 


For Expats living and working in all area's of Belgium, including Brussels, Tervuren, Waterloo, Antwerpen and Mons ( SHAPE ).
If your moving in to your brand new home or simply upgrading your own current Home, Expat In Belgium combines the best of high quality products with fast professional service.


Just email or telephone us for full details on all our services in Belgium : 


Telephone.: 0485 38 74 02     Email.: info@expatinbelgium.com


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