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Garden At Home

Terms & Conditions of Supply : Updated as of 01/01/2024 apply to : 

TV From Home : ESI
Eutradesmen : ESI
Garden at Home : ESI

Expat Services International B.V / SRL
Leuvensesteenweg 613
1930 Zaventem

Any request or order by telephone, sms , whatsapp or any other medium, needs to
be confirmed by you the client to Garden at Home : ESI by one of these three email addresses :

Your order submission & payment by you the client or company who orders for a third party,
of an invoice sent to you by post or email by Garden At Home : ESI and paid via electronic bank tranfer of all orders as detailed in our invoice will be taken as agreement to the conditions of sale and supply as shown below :

Orders can only be accepted by email and no other medium.

All orders for non perishable materials, goods or work that has been quoted and invoiced to you can be cancelled only by email ( no other medium such as telephone, whatsapp, sms etc) and a copy of your request to cancel sent by post to Garden At Home : ESI at least 14 working days prior to the delivery date that will have been confirmed via email to you when you emailed an order to Garden At Home : ESI.

However due the fact that plants including trees and grass turf, are a " perishable product " which means unfortunately that we are unable to cancel any invoiced & paid order with funds received via electronic bank transfer to our bank account, as shown on our invoice and can not refund your payment, as plants including trees and grass turf will deteriorate rapidly, and once we have accepted and processed & confirmed your order to our suppliers, we can never cancel your order or a refund be given in any circumstances whatsoever.

As we work with third parties who supply us, there are no " time windows " that allow us to cancel an order : Once you have paid our invoice and we have received your payment via electronic bank transfer you accept these conditions and understand that you are unable to cancel your order for any reason whtsoever and can not obtain any refund whatsoever from us Garden At Home : ESI or our suppliers.


Garden At Home : ESI  will make every effort to deliver on the agreed date, but if for any reason that Garden At Home : ESI is unable to deliver then there will be no liability whether in damages or otherwise for delay of whole or any part of the goods ordered arising from any cause whatsoever. 

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